Future Impact has teamed up with International companies to introduce two exciting and unique concepts in the Cosmetic Industry.

Private Label Cosmetics
an opportunity to create your own cosmetic line

a fantastic gifting range with truly head turning products

Take advantage of the unique concept of Private Label Cosmetics to CREATE YOUR OWN COSMETIC LINE. Whether it is Colour Cosmetics, Skin Care or an entire range, you can increase customer loyalty and profits by customizing a cosmetic brand to suit your requirements. For more info click here.

The Glamourflage - retro skincare gift-guiding vision is to create beautiful products fit to adorn the boudoir of any self respecting vamp. Why settle for feeling a million dollars when a trillion is available?

Ideal gifts or treat yourself!

Each product is named after its very own guardian angel and we have even included a little excerpt from her life on the bottom of the tin - be careful though, some are spicier than you might expect! For more information click here